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Build a Community Solar Toolkit

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Do you need a data reporting and on-bill credit software application?

Question 2 of 12

Do you need support with understanding and developing contracts, especially as it pertains to complex securities and tax laws?

Question 3 of 12

Would your customers enjoy having real-time access to their own panel production output, realized savings and the environmental impacts of their purchase?

Question 4 of 12

Would you benefit from a fully automated sales process, using an e-commerce solution to augment your sales strategy?

Question 5 of 12

Are you interested in owning a custom website dedicated to promoting your community solar program?

Question 6 of 12

Do you need access to a catalog of marketing materials that target community solar customers, branded with your logo and company information?

Question 7 of 12

Do you need support with a marketing strategy developed and implemented by the industry's leading community solar marketing team?

Question 8 of 12

Do you need a sales team to deliver precise community solar messaging and provide on-going customer service support?

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Do you need assistance with project management such as land acquisition, engineering and design, construction, permitting, etc.?

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Do you need access to industry-leading equipment and benefit from reduced pricing?

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Do you need help with project or customer financing?

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Do you need assistance with on-going maintenance and operations of your community solar program?