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Program Management

Until now, building a community solar project was a very complicated process. Partnership Solutions provides the tools for a strong community solar foundation, providing production tracking and on-bill crediting software, customer contracts with electronic signature capabilities for fully automated transactions, a monitoring program that allows customers to view their own solar panel production and a customer management dashboard that tracks customer allocations, panel inventory and customer credit history. With Partnership Solutions, the community solar model can be easily replicated, making clean energy available to anyone with an electric bill. 

Billing & Reporting Services

The Partnership Solutions billing software fully and seamlessly integrates with a utility’s existing billing system, tracking and applying credits directly on customer bills using kWh or actual credit amounts. Offer your customers a choice of clean energy that is supported by accurate data reporting and an integrated bill credit process.


Customized Monitoring Services

Your customers will love seeing how much energy their panels create. is a secure, customized website available online and on mobile devices, reporting solar panel production. Customers can view their real-time solar stats, environmental impacts, track savings and chart performance. With, your customers will know exactly how much they’re contributing to their community and to a clean energy future.

Customer Contracts

Community solar is a simple proposition to the customer, but the contracts can be complicated. The contracts provided by Partnership Solutions are built just for community solar, proven to stand tax and securities scrutiny. Build a community solar program with confidence knowing all legal and technical agreements are covered. 

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