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Customer Engagement Strategies

Engagement Strategies is the first solar solution able to manage the complete customer acquisition process online. The e-commerce capabilities provide a seamless, modern, and easy process for your customers. Manage all sales documents and the entire sales process and transactions online. Customer proposals can be customized with details of facility statistics and provide all needed information for a confident sales decision. A full catalog of marketing material and a custom website will help you promote and sell your programs. Engagement Strategies offers the easiest way to buy solar, allowing customers to shop online from the comfort of their home. 


Our E-Commerce platform provides all the documents necessary for an easy sales transaction. Gain access to fully automated online transactions, allowing your customers to purchase as many panels as needed from the comfort of their home with the ease of a click of the mouse. Don’t waste time with contracts that expose you to mistakes and risk. Our automated transaction forms will help speed up the sales process and provide a quality customer experience.

Customer Proposals

The automated documents include proposals generated for your customers with details about the facility and information they need in order to make an informed decision. The customer will receive customized details of their proposed system size, cost of panels, expected energy production, anticipated savings, and the lifetime environmental impacts they will make by participating in your program. All of this information will be delivered to them with your company logo and contact information.

Custom Websites

Promote your community solar program with the help of a custom designed website. Let us build a dedicated site for you with your branding, one that helps spread the word about your program, educates the community and turns leads into sales.


Marketing Material

Get instant access to a well-defined and highly effective community solar messaging.  Choose from a full catalog of marketing material designed to communicate the benefits of community solar, reaching the right targeted market, assisting you with customer acquisition and establishing you as the community’s resource of clean energy.

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