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Tools that Simplify Community Solar Projects

The tools provided by Community Solar Hub make the development process easy, giving you everything needed to build community solar projects. Use these tools and services to simplify the process, avoid common mistakes and provide the clean energy your community wants.

Program Management

  • Partnership Solutions is a complete turn-key solution, making billing and data reporting services simple and reliable. Speed up the customer acquisition process by using the customized and automated customer contracts. With, customers can view their real-time solar stats, environmental impacts, track savings and chart performance. The production data can be viewed in equivalent comparisons to dollars, trees, car miles, barrels of oil and homes powered.

  • Ideal for:

    • Data Reporting & Billing Credits
    • Customer Contracts
    • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Solutions:

    • Accurately report data and apply energy credits
    • Remain compliant with tax and securities laws
    • Keep inventory of equipment and customer data

Customer Engagement Strategies

  • Gain access to fully automated online transactions making sales transactions simple and accurate. Let us create for you a custom website with your branding and contact information, one that spreads the word about community solar and turns leads into sales.

  • Ideal for:

    • E-Commerce Transactions
    • Customer Proposals
    • Marketing Material 
    • Custom Website
  • Solutions:

    • Avoid mistakes by using automated procedures
    • Ensure efficiency and accuracy
    • Increase visibility 
    • Promote sales

Production Tracking

  • Sustainable Communities provides the tools and experience to operate and maintain your community solar facility at maximum performance - an everyday job with no room for mistakes. 

  • Ideal for:

    • Peace of Mind
    • Performance Tracking
    • Zero Maintenance
  • Solutions:

    • Faulty equipment repaired or replaced
    • Immediate response avoids production issues
    • Regular inspections prevents unexpected issues

Customer Center

  • Choose from a full catalog of marketing material assisting you with customer acquisition and establishing you as the community’s leading provider of clean energy. Work with the best community solar sales team in the industry, delivering a clear and concise representation of community solar. 

  • Ideal for:

    • Marketing Services
    • Sales Services
    • Customer Care
  • Solutions:

    • Avoid time spent discovering the right message
    • Save money on training a new sales team
    • Continued customer management

Project Development

  • This toolkit provides resources for land acquisition, permitting and construction of solar projects. Learn how to identify and negotiate a well suited site. Let us oversee all aspects of the construction phase. Work with the best EPCs in the industry and receive preferred pricing from reputable equipment vendors.

  • Ideal for:

    • Land Acquisition
    • Project Management
    • Materials and Services
  • Solutions:

    • Identify the ideal site
    • Complete oversight of entire project
    • Save money on services and equipment

Finance Solutions

  • Gain access to the most affordable project finance capital with low cost debt and sponsor equity funds designed specifically for community solar. 

  • Ideal for:

    • Tax Equity Partners & SPVs
    • Investment Tax Credit Funds
    • Project Finance Capital
  • Solutions:

    • Low cost term debt and equity funds
    • Cost effectively monetize tax credits
    • Compliance with legal and tax issues

Build a Custom Toolkit for Your Community Solar Project

Assemble the tools that will simplify your community solar project. Read in depth descriptions about the tools available in each toolkit. Choose the bundles that address your specific needs. 

It's easy to get started.

It's easy to get started