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Fast Growing Solar Jobs in America

Posted on Friday May 12, 2017

During 2010 when this country was in the midst of the financial housing crisis, I was working as a real estate broker, attempting to eke out a living. As I saw businesses shuttered and homes going into foreclosure, I looked around my community and saw what seemed to be the only industry actively hiring, and that booming industry was solar. I ...

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Reaching Community Solar’s Multi-Gigawatt Potential

Posted on Thursday April 20, 2017

A transformational change has become evident across the energy industry, with disruptive forces moving faster than many utilities, regulators, politicians, and certainly, customers can imagine. There is bipartisan demand for renewable energy, coupled with a massive increase in customers seeking choice in their energy products and providers; revolutionary technologies like solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles are transforming the way ...

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Businesses Benefiting from Community Solar

Posted on Thursday March 16, 2017

All businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, and many businesses are looking for ways to cut energy use. But the options available to address both of these at the same time are limited, especially for small or emerging businesses. With the cost of solar energy plummeting, and over one million solar systems installed, solar is providing to be ...

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We All Benefit When the Grid Benefits

Posted on Wednesday February 8, 2017

How Community Solar is Delivering Value to All Utility Customers Grid performance and reliability is the primary goal for every utility. Given an electricity delivery system that has operated for the most part on 1950’s technology, delivering on that promise is a challenging and a cost-intensive endeavor. And with the proliferation of distributed energy resources, smaller local generating power ...

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Solar is Here to Stay: A Bright Future Ahead for the Industry

Posted on Tuesday January 3, 2017

What will the solar industry look like under the new administration? This is a question many in and out of the renewable industry are asking. The good news is that the solar industry has so much momentum that it doesn’t matter who is in public office over the next 4 years. The solar industry is here to stay and ...

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5 Steps to Effective Community Solar Advocacy

Posted on Wednesday December 21, 2016

Tips to help you talk to your local representative about community solar programs in your community.  Have you heard about community solar? Maybe you have seen recent stories in the local news about your electric utility offering a new way for people to access solar energy. If you live in one of the 15 states plus D.C. with enacted ...

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How Community Solar Programs Can Serve Low-and Moderate-Income Customers

Posted on Thursday December 8, 2016

Throughout its history, the solar industry has been subject to criticism that only the wealthy can afford to buy and install panels for their own use. That perception is changing rapidly. As utilities and municipalities embrace community solar programs, these programs are also recognized as a way to deliver solar energy to all income classes, including low-and moderate-income levels. As ...

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Community Solar Explained

Posted on Thursday December 1, 2016

Community solar programs are a great way to allow more people the ability to access solar energy. Multiple participants can either purchase panels or subscribe to a program and receive on-bill credits associated with the system’s production. Anyone with an electric bill can participate in a program, including residential, commercial, industrial, and non-profit customers of the participating utility.  ...

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