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Community solar has experienced rapid adoption over the past few years. Community members, lawmakers, and utilities are showing strong support; which makes this type of renewable energy program poised for exponential growth. 

If you are an advocate, solar developer, or utility with community solar experience, you can help increase the understanding of community solar benefits by registering projects on the project map page. This map demonstrates the availability of community solar and the increasing momentum of the movement. Share your success with others, reach new customers, connect with other project owners and learn about what works or what doesn't. Register as a Premier User with the Community Solar Hub and pin your project to this ever-growing resource. 

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Our Tools are Proven Resources for Community Solar

The Learn More section contains information about communities that are implementing their own programs, basic facts and benefits of community solar, and commentary about market potential growth. Discover the solutions to all your project related questions from production monitoring to billing integration, marketing materials to sales processes. We make community solar simple for you. 

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Tools for Successful Community Solar Programs

Program Management

Until now, building a community solar project was a very complicated process. Partnership Solutions provides the tools for a strong community solar foundation, providing production tracking and on-bill crediting software, customer contracts with electronic signature capabilities for fully automated transactions, a monitoring program that allows customers to view their own solar panel production and a customer management dashboard that tracks customer allocations, panel inventory and customer credit history. With Partnership Solutions, the community solar model can be easily replicated, making clean energy available to anyone with an electric bill. 

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Customer Engagement Strategies

Engagement Strategies is the first solar solution able to manage the complete customer acquisition process online. The e-commerce capabilities provide a seamless, modern, and easy process for your customers. Manage all sales documents and the entire sales process and transactions online. Customer proposals can be customized with details of facility statistics and provide all needed information for a confident sales decision. A full catalog of marketing material and a custom website will help you promote and sell your programs. Engagement Strategies offers the easiest way to buy solar, allowing customers to shop online from the comfort of their home. 

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Production Tracking

Peace of mind is what you receive from the O&M package called Sustainable Communities. This program consists of real-time monitoring of the array and all operating equipment and collection of weather data. Automated alarms provide immediate notification of errors so that repair and replacement of any necessary parts, panels and inverters is identified and can be addressed immediately. Track detailed system performance and provide your customers with peace of mind knowing that their community solar panels will always be monitored for best performance.  

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Customer Center

The Customer Center offers access to the best community solar sales and marketing teams in the industry, efficiently guiding customers through the purchasing process and providing the highest level of customer service. Allow a dedicated community solar call center handle the sales process for you by educating the community on the benefits of the program. The community solar sales pitch has been perfected so you won't have to waste time or money learning how to market and sell community solar. 

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Project Development

Our project planning, engineering and land management teams are solar professionals with nearly 400 combined years of contractor and engineering experience. The practices used by this team are fine-tuned and effective, delivering a successful and marketable community solar project from start to finish. The Jobsite Planning package provides the tools for land acquisition, permitting, construction, operation and maintenance of solar projects.

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Finance Solutions

We provide the financing you need to build community solar. We’ve got the right partners that make funds available from project development to customer purchases, guaranteeing that you build and sell a successful community solar project.

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Showing You the Way to Community Solar

Discover the true meaning of community shared solar. Learn why community solar is the fastest growing segment within the solar industry and the only solution able to serve anyone with a utility bill. With community solar, anyone with a utility bill can access clean energy, including renters, apartment dwellers, non-profits, and low-moderate-income neighborhoods. Learn why community solar is for everyone.

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Community Solar Hub Driving Down Soft Costs

Recent research data released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory looked into the full cost of installing solar power and found that non-hardware costs, such as development, legal services and financing, accounted for 57% of commercial systems and 64% of residential systems. 

One of the benefits of community solar is to lower these "soft" costs to consumers through economies of scale. 

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